Pound A Minute Club Blog

First of all, welcome to “Pound A Minute Club” Blog. This is where I get to sound off on all things music. I’m a music fan, snob, fanboy, critic, collector, walking encyclopedia and nerd. I own every CD or LP by every artist that I love, I have seen just about everyone (the ones that got away will be a future blog post). My tastes are seen as broad by some (1930’s to present) and narrow by others (almost no interest in hip-hop, EDM, most modern artists). My wheelhouse is Rock And Roll, Rock (again I will make the difference known in a future blog post), 90’s Alt-Country, 80’s pop, 70’s punk, 60’s “Freedom Rock”, 50’s Rockabilly. I’m not afraid of a little Prog. I am not embarrassed by my love of disco, I don’t get The Doobie Brothers at all but am all in on Steely Dan. 75% of my favorite records came out between 1968-1972 (I was born in 1970).

Where did I get the name? Well there was a story/legend that when Rockpile (Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe) were at their peak in the mid 1970’s they had two ongoing drinking contests. The first was the 24-hour club, where to be a member you had to agree to ANY invite by any member at any time to go on a bender. 3AM? You get the call, you go and drink until you can’t anymore. The second was the “Pound A Minute Club” where you had to spend 1 pound on drinks every minute and consume what was brought to you. I can imagine the conversations that these legendary musicians found themselves in 10-15 pounds (and drinks) later.

Not 100% sure but I expect that I will post this blog to Facebook for comments/debate and leave the comments off on the actual blog. Let me see how this goes.

Grab a seat at the bar, order a cold one, get me in a debate/conversation/argument about Terry Kath, or Bob Stinson, or The Pogues, or David Lee Roth – then be ready for the bar to close down while we are still in mid conversation.