Brothers Leland “Jet Fuel Formula” LP

August 2020 brings the new LP, “Jet Fuel Formula” from Brothers Leland (Eric and Adam Leland).  “Jet Fuel Formula” contains remixed versions of  four tracks from their “If You See Something, Say Something” EP, plus three new original songs.

“We were thrilled with how “If You Say Something” came out and continued our unusual process for recording” says multi-instrumentalist Eric Leland. “Adam comes over with a demo and we track it to a click, he gives me a separate clean lead vocal track, and then leaves me to my own devices.  He is as surprised as everyone else as to how the arrangement progresses. Thankfully we are on the same wavelength and my fleshed-out vision equals or exceeds Adams vision from the original demo”.

Copy of BL JFFThe process was a success and soon after, Eric was requesting additional songs for a follow up EP.  Said  EP was completed and prepared for release, however a chance “shuffle” mix of the two EPs suggested that there was a unified sound and a potential full length release instead.

While the original EP tracks featured horns, piano, organ and other embellishments, the new three songs were produced as striped down two-gutar, bass and drums arrangements. “As I began adding instruments I kept coming back to the basc tracks and wanted to preserve as much of that as possible” says Eric. These more sparse tracks were ripe for some serious lead guitar playing, so they brought Jon Harris (Jon Harris Band, Sundogs) to play lead and slide guitar on the three tracks. “We ended up giving Jon plenty of room to play, and he did not disappoint!” says Eric.

The LP cover features a photo of Eric and Adam Leland taken in 1977 at the Prospect Park Zoo Brooklyn, NY. The LP title comes from Eric and Adam’s shared love of “Rocky & Bullwinkle” TV series. The original first season story arc was titled “Jet Fuel Formula”.

The LP is a love letter to the Rock and Roll of their youth.  The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Faces, and ZZ Top are the influences that Eric and Adam have shared since they first started listening to music on WKLS 96 Rock in Atlanta in the 1980s.

Adam says in “Grind It Out” “Our only goal is to rock and roll, and we’re not well rounded”. In “Less Talk More Rock (a phrase you might hear from the big rock radio stations back in the day), Adam confesses “High-octane rock rules, don’t ask why”.

“Jet Fuel Formula” LP by Brothers Leland is available August 18, 2020 on all download and streaming sites.

“If You See Something, Say Something” EP is currently available on all download and streaming sites.