Brothers Leland “Two For The Ripsaw” LP

New LP from Brothers Leland (May 2021)

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1.Now Playing 04:15
2.Rock And Roll Machine 03:29
3.You Know You Want It 04:54
4.Put ‘Em Away 03:28
5.Let’s Get Rockin’ 04:22
6.They Just Can’t Beat His Licks 03:03
7.Rock Lover 03:30
8.I’ll Get The Next One 04:53

Liner Notes:

Eric and Adam Leland’s newest release, “Two For The Ripsaw” is another in a great tradition of rock and roll records about…rock and roll. “We were really happy with how 2020’s ‘Jet Fuel Formula’ came out,” says Eric, “we initially started this to be a continuation in that direction: straight-ahead rock and roll, influenced by the music we heard on the radio growing up in Georgia, specifically as played on WKLS 96 Rock. What we started to notice, was that the rock groups of the 80’s employed keyboards and electronic percussion, not just the synth bands, but Robert Plant, The Cars, ZZ Top, Billy Idol, Def Leppard.”  After several failed attempts to add this flavor themselves, Eric and Adam reached out to their former bandmate Andrew Doss (Devomatix, 80-Ators) to add some 80’s style keyboards to a few songs. Ultimately, Andrew supplied keys, piano, organs, percussion, and even 808 loops across all eight songs. “It became a matter of elimination ultimately,” says Eric, “He gave us so much to use, I may have kept only half of what was offered up. There needs to be a remix LP to explore some of these sounds left off the final mix.”

The recording and production were done in the now-standard Brothers Leland way: Adam arrives at Eric’s studio for a single session, recording acoustic guitar demos of his songs to a click track, and then a “lead” vocal on a second track…and then goes home.  The drums, bass, guitar, backup vocals, keys, percussion, and two lead vocals are completed by Eric on his own over the course of several weeks. The Lelands meet up when it is completed to make any final mixing decisions, and then Eric mixes and masters the record. Andrews parts were sent in via DropBox. Guitarist and friend of the band Joe Giddings provided the guitar solo on the final track “I’ll Get The Next One”. His guitar was the last thing tracked, only days before the album was mixed and mastered. 


released May 5, 2021

Adam Leland – vocals and lyrics.
Eric Leland – guitar, bass, drums, percussion, loops, some keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Let’s Get Rockin'” and “I’ll Get The Next One”.
Andrew Doss – synths, keyboards, piano, organ, digital percussion, TR-808 drum machine.
Joe Giddings – lead guitar on “I’ll Get The Next One”.

All Lyrics by Adam Leland


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